Venue Hire Fequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of hire?

Rosie’s Room & Library – £50 Room deposit, which will be returned to you should there be no damage to the space throughout the duration of our booking as well as the room being left to an okay standard with no excessive mess. In addition to ensuring there is no verbal or physical abuse aimed towards staff.
Cellar Bar Hire– £50 Room deposit and a £50 Bar deposit, Room deposit is returnable [See above] and the bar deposit is returnable should your guests spend a target of £750 on the downstairs cellar bar throughout the duration of our evening with us.

What is the earliest start time?
5pm, as the earliest time is the time in which we open to the public, however we would  always advise for you to arrive at least 30 minutes before this time, to ensure there is time for our staff to prepare the room for your needs.

Can we provide our own food?
Yes, you can provide your own food, however, we do not hold facilities to heat food, so cold food is preferred. We take no responsibility for temperature control should you decide to bring in hot food.

Is there a minimum spend to qualify for the venue hire?
Rosie’s room and the Library – There is no minimum spend when booking the upstairs rooms as there is no bar in cooperated within the booking.
Cellar Bar – There is a minimum spend of £750 for a customer to have their bar deposit returned to them.

What is the capacity?
The library alone holds up to 20 people,
Rosie’s room and the library holds between 20-40 people.
The Cellar bar holds between 40 – 80 people.

Can we decorate the place and what restrictions are there?
Customers are able to decorate the room ad they see fit however please ensure there is no damage to the walls and no excessive use of confetti, however, any other party decorations for example balloons, bunting photos and etc. are perfectly acceptable

When is the earliest we can come down to drop off decorations/decorate the room?
Rosie’s Room and Library – Depending on the date in question, the earliest would technically be from 4pm (however it is down to the discretion of the staff member who is taking the booking)
Cellar Bar – Again the earliest time to decorate the room would depend on the evening (however when arrange for the cellar bar please keep in mind that if it is a late party there could be the potential to book a masterclass beforehand (Especially on weekends))

What time does our booking end?
A booking will end when the bar is closed according to our usual closing hours:
Monday 11pm
Tuesday/Thursday 12am
Friday/Saturday 1 am
Sunday – 10:30pm

When is last orders?
Last orders are as follows with our usual times:
Monday – 10.30pm
Tuesday/Thursday – 11.30pm
Friday/Saturday – 12.30am
Sunday – 10pm

Is there any nearby parking?
There is no on-street parking nearby unless you are loading and unloading, however, the NCP car park is situated next to the Curve, across from Chutney Ivy and is a less than a minute walk away from Manhattan34.

What is a provisional booking?
A provisional booking means that we will hold that date for you, meaning that if another customer tries to book that date we will have to contact you beforehand. We hold a provisional booking for up to two weeks. If the booking has not been confirmed or if we have not had contact with you for those two weeks, we will be in the position to give your booking to someone else.

How do I confirm my provisional Booking?
A booking is confirmed when a cash or card deposit is received.

Are we allowed to leave things on the premises overnight?
Customers are able to leave any belonging in the staff room overnight and collect them during our opening hours the next day (However please ensure that staff know what to keep and what not to keep after the booking has finished… as in ensuring the wanted belongings are in fact in the staff room and confirm that anything on the floor can in fact be thrown away.)