30th July 2019

New Menu – Summer 2019


Our Head Bartender Danny Newell and his innovative team have been working hard this spring to create an exciting new cocktail menu. We have sought to push the boundaries with our flavours and ingredients, ensuring each cocktail on our menu has its own story and unique style. At Manhattan34, our ethos and passion for what we do is inspired by the end of Prohibition. In 1934, an explosive revolution in the art of cocktail making empowered bartenders to break the common conventions of mixology and create new and exciting concoctions.

By using new innovative techniques, Danny and his team have looked to push the boundaries of the contemporary cocktail, designing and creating truly bespoke cocktails that are sure to entice you back to Manhattan34. Whilst we pride ourselves on our ability to create a range of truly delicious cocktails, we look to cater to the palette of our customers. If there is a particular flavour that tickles your fancy, then ask and we will endeavour to create and infuse in a way to truly tantalise your taste buds.

If you are a fan of the classic cocktail, then you are also in luck. Not only do we respect the classics, but we have also made sure to give them our own Manhattan34 twist, ensuring every cocktail on our menu is unique to us.


Danny’s favourite Cocktail from our new menu – Vieux Carré


Vieux Carré Translating to Old Square and home to New Orleans’s French Quarter. The classic cocktail is deliciously complex and aromatic, with sweet, spicy, earthy and bitter notes being nothing shy of booze. The Vieux Carré is stirred in a like-minded manor to a Manhattan and follows similar characteristics with the recipe being an elaborate combination of: Rye Whiskey, Cognac, Sweet Vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud’s Bitters and Angostura Bitters. The drink was created in 1938 by Walter Bergeron at the legendary Carousel Bar Hotel Monteleone and is still avidly enjoyed by many cocktail enthusiasts worldwide.


The main reason I love what I do and still do so,  comes down to the aspects of creativity and diversity the craft entails. Like many art forms, creating cocktails holds a stapled personal touch, from the process of including new and innovative flavours to using creative methods that exceed customer expectations. These skills and passion can then be used to inspire and shape a dedicated, knowledgeable team who also love their craft.

– Danny Newell –


– A selection of Cocktails from our menu –


Thai inspired, Bright and fresh whilst jam-packed with anti oxidants.

Russian Vodka | Kaffir Leaf | Mandarin | Banana | Coconut | Malic | Lemongrass | Sugarcane



Embracing the Mexican culture.  The tequila flows and so does the spice!

Blanco Tequila | Dill | Acacia Honey | Cucumber | Ancho Chilli | Citrus



Reminiscing to past campfires we’ve created this boozy vegetal slow sipping complexion.

Rye Whiskey | Artichoke | Mezcal | Demerara | Orange Oils | Chocolate


DOLCHE VITA (VF Available)

One for the lovers of everything Strawberry Cheesecake, A must try at that, we’ll say no more!

Russian Vodka | Biscuit | Strawberry Shrub | Aperol | Lemon Sherbet | Hazelnut | Cream Cheese



Our bittersweet light chocolate riff on the famous Aperitivo cocktail “The Negroni”, originating from Caffe Casoni in Florence, Italy in 1919.

Black Gin | Dry Vermouth  | Amaro | Cacao



A legendary Don the Beachcomber creation, our version of the Cobra Fang is inspired by the world-famous Death & Co. NYC. Tropical fruits and Tangy with quite a bite, to be enjoyed sensibly, proceed with caution!

Rum Blend | Peach | Orange | Citrus | Passion Fruit | Cinnamon | Absinthe



The sour dates back to the 1860’s, but sailors in the British Navy had been drinking something similar long before that. Looking to preferred flavour pairing profiles we’ve conceptually adapted with a breakfast theme.

Kentucky Straight Bourbon | Apricot Brandy | Marmalade | Peach | Citrus | Foam


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