9th March 2019

Spirit Tasting Sessions

Our aim is to make 2019 the year of tastings. We will bring you tasting events that are hosted by a leading expert, offer great value and give you something that no other bar can.  The programme of events certainly kicked off in style in February with a fantastic guided Appleton Estate Rum tasting. Manhattan34 was the first bar in the UK to open a bottle of Appleton Estate 30 year at a consumer event – with only 400 bottles making their way to the UK at all, this incredible spirit is as rare as hen’s teeth!

Next up we have a Jim Beam bourbon tasting, as a follow on from our Buffalo Trace tasting last year. This event will take place on March 14th 2019.

Tickets will cost £15.00 & there will be a Classic Jim Beam sours on arrival. The range that we will be trying will be:
– Red Stag
– Devils Cut
– Double Wood
– Rye
– Single Barrel

We have 25 spaces available for the evening. Tickets are available at the bar, just ask your bartender for details. The full retail price of the evening would normally be £30.00, so these tasting tickets represent a nifty bargain.


The Appleton Estate Rum Tasting Notes

The Appleton Estate, a glorious and fertile land located in the heart of Jamaica, is the birthplace of all Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum, and the employees at Appleton Estate have been crafting this rum with the warmth, passion, and unique spirit of Jamaica for over 265 years.

Appleton Estate 30 year

This rare bottle is almost impossible to get your hands on with only 400 bottles entering the UK. This 30-year-old rum produced by Appleton is an impressive feat that shows the depths of their excellent stocks. Master blender Joy Spence has pulled together rums aged from 30 years to over 50 years old. With these, a blend of 13 casks was created (which themselves had been blended over the years with other casks of the same age). And all of this was married and allow to settle for a year before bottling showing incredible depth and complexity.

Appleton Estate Joy anniversary blend

A £220 bottle on The Whiskey Exchange, this exceptional blend commemorates Joy Spence’s 20th anniversary as Master Blender. A combination of rums aged for between 25 and 35 years, this is rich and mouthfilling with notes of espresso, clove, cinnamon and Demerara sugar.

Appleton Estate 21 Year Old

A lavish blend of the finest aged rums; it is an incredibly smooth sipping luxury rum that will truly delight the palate. The rums that make up Appleton Estate 21 Year Old are hand-selected for the unique character, flavour and bouquet that they bring to the blend. Each composite rum has been aged for at least 21 years. Which means this is a piece of unique Jamaican luxury.

Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old

This rum have all been hand-selected and have all been aged for a minimum of 12 years. The long years of tropical ageing gives it its rich mahogany hue, confident woody character and smooth, robust taste.

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

This full-bodied, medium-sweet rum. It is a delicious blend of 15 aged rums with a warm honey colour. Enjoy its lush fruity aroma and rich taste. The quality and complexity means it is for everyone. So, it can make even an average day feel special.