15th January 2019

Healthier options, Low ABV and Non-alcoholic Drink Options

Here at Manhattan34, we believe it is important to give you choice. Our guests often tell us that they are looking for a healthier option, or a lighter choice, when enjoying a night out with friends. Our lighter menu contains a range of cocktails we have developed to use fresh ingredients, and that contain a lower ABV or no alcohol at all. Also take a look at our regular menu here.


January 2019 low abv and healthy choice cocktail menu


There are a range of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that traditionally have perceived health benefits attached to them, often because of their vitamin content. We have harnessed these healthier, fresh ingredients within our menu to help give you a boost. For example, the lemongrass in our Detox Mai Tai has long been associated with reducing bloating and relieving anxiety. The cranberry in our Strawberry and Vaniila Shrub is associated with improving digestion and boosting the immune system.

Of course, a number of these drinks contain alcohol and should of course be consumed in moderation. Visit DrinkAware to find out more.


best mocktail leicester


Several drinks on this menu do not contain any alcohol at all. However, that doesn’t mean that we have compromised on flavour. These drinks are still carefully crafted by our bartenders to deliver the maximum taste. Our Matcha Mojo, for example, has the unusual combination of matcha, hazelnut and even a dash of quinine for a quirky yet enticing fragrant aroma and floral, nutty flavour that you will find irresistible.

best cocktail leicester



Our range of mocktails are unique to Manhattan34. Our skilled team work hard to create innovative flavour pairings that will surprise and delight. However, if there is a classic mocktail that you’d like and you cannot see on the menu, please ask at the bar. We’re always happy to go off-menu and craft a bespoke creation that will suit your tastes perfectly.


cocktail bar leicester


This menu isn’t just for Dry January. We know that plenty of you prefer to drink low and no alcohol beverages throughout the year for a range of reasons. We’re glad to let you know that there’s a lot on offer at Manhattan34 for you to enjoy. Our bar is about great times with great friends – browse the rest of our website for information on our fantastic upcoming live music, comedy and more.