4th December 2018

Coming Soon: Prohibition Evenings

We have a very exciting new concept arriving at Manhattan34 in 2019. Our Prohibition Evenings will celebrate the speakeasy, and put the classic cocktail back in the limelight where it belongs!

Celebrating the end of Prohibition

To give you a taste of what is to come, we’re celebrating the 85th REPEAL DAY – the anniversary of the end of Prohibition – by showcasing our new cocktail specials. Join us from 6pm until late on Wednesday 5th December. Admission is free and you’ll be amongst the first to experience the amazing treats we’ll be offering you in 2019.

What is a Prohibition Evening?

Put simply, we want to celebrate you – the connoisseur of the classic cocktail. We have developed a menu of 12 of the very finest Prohibition era cocktails and we want to give you the chance to try them all in 2019.

Our Prohibition Evenings will run monthly on the first Saturday from February. There is no charge to participate and no admission charge. Simply come along and pick up your Prohibition Passport. Each time you try one of our classics, priced at £7, you get a stamp. You get a bonus prize for every 4 of the drinks you try, and when you have tried all 12 your name goes up on our Prohibition Prescription Certificate in the bar.

So even if it takes you 12 months to do it, every cocktail lover in the city has the opportunity to demonstrate their love of the majesty of Prohibition’s most elegant cocktail creations.

Prohibition Evening - Classic cocktails at Manhattan34 Leicester private bar hire

What else is on offer at the Prohibition Evening?

As well as having your name immortalised in Manhattan34 and bonus prizes along the way, we’ll be offering 10% off everything for guests who attend in themed attire. Think pearls, Flapper dresses and fringing – or trilby hats, pocket squares and wingtips.

We’ll also be putting on live music so you can Charleston the night away.

What is the Prohibition Prescription Certificate?

During Prohibition, one of the only exemptions to the distribution of alcohol was by obtaining a prescription from a licensed doctor. Get your name on our prescription certificate and you’ve proved that you have really got the bug for our cocktails!

When does it start?

The first Prohibition Evening will be on 5th February 2019 and every 1st Saturday of the month after that, so there’s plenty of time to try all 12 of the cocktails. Our event on 5th December is aimed at giving you the chance to get an exclusive sneak peek of the incredible drinks that will be at the heart of this amazing event.