24th October 2018

New Cocktail Menu, Leicester!

Our Autumn/Winter menu has arrived

New menu – cocktail Leicester

Our crack team of expert bartenders have been hard at work experimenting with new flavour combinations, trying new spirits and researching the very best of cocktail heritage. Yes, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. And all of this knowledge has been carefully poured into our new menu. It is available on the bar now.

Afterwork Social at Manhattan34 Leicester cocktail bar


Main Menu October 18

Bartenders’ Picks

Connoisseurs of fine draughts will want to flick directly through to our newly expanded Bartenders’ Picks section. These are the extra special spirits that our team normally keep to themselves, but now they have decided to share with you.

Have you ever heard of Tito’s, the amazing American craft vodka made in the old-fashioned pot still rather than the (easier!) column still? Or how about Bumbu? This is a spirit that uses native Caribbean spices blended according to a 16th century recipe used by West Indian sailors. Yes, these are some pretty special drinks for the discerning palate. Ask at the bar for the best way to enjoy these exclusive pours.




Due to popular demand, we have also expanded our Boilermaker menu. If you’re not sure what a boilermaker is, read all about it here. We’re loving the unique flavours of Blue Moon and Picon – inspired by the traditional drink enjoyed in the Alsace region of France (the Picon Biere), but with an extra orange kick from the Blue Moon. The flavours of quinine, coriander and sweet spice that run through this drink means that they beg to be enjoyed as a depth charge. Trust us – once you try it you will never look back!

Blue Moon and Picon boilermaker at Manhattan34



Alcoholic Hot Drinks

So popular are our hot toddies that we’ve moved them from our Sunday Menu to our main menu. So you can enjoy them all the time. All of our alcoholic hot drinks are £6 and you can choose from the range:

  • The Manhattan Irish Coffee
  • Mint Chocolate Bailey’s Hot CHocolate
  • Lavender Hot Toddy
  • Vanilla and Vodka Coffee

alcoholic coffee at best bar leicester manhattan34



Come and say hi

There’s loads more to choose from. Our core cocktail range keeps the old favourites as well as experimenting with new flavours. Our house tea blends are crafted by our bar team for your delight – who can resist the fiery pleasure of chilli, cocoa nib, cinnamon and ginger chai on a chilly autumnal day?

For those enjoying life without alcohol, we have an unparalleled selection of mocktails. People looking to keep their alcohol intake low will enjoy our low ABV cocktails which have just one unit of alcohol and are often a slightly better choice for people with diabetes and similar conditions. Delicious.