1st June 2018

Negroni Week

Between 4th and 10th June it is the sixth annual Negroni Week, presented by Imbibe Magazine and Campari. Here at Manhattan34, we love a classic cocktail! They don’t come much better than the simple genius of the Negroni – a combination of Campari, gin and Vermouth.

Negroni week, Manhattan Leicester, Ti Amo

We’ve developed a special Negroni menu to celebrate the occasion. It’s packed full of traditional favourites that are focused on the very best quality ingredients, as well as some innovative twists on the theme. Will you play it safe, or try something new?

2018 is the 99th anniversary of the traditional date for the invention of the Negroni in Florence, Italy. It’s the perfect excuse to really push the boat out!

Negroni Menu at Manhattan34

Our Negroni is made with the very best ingredients – classic Campari, Bulldog gin and Cinzano Rosso, garnished with orange peel. This deep red drink has a semi-sweet flavour.

Bulldog gin, Campari, Cinzano Rosso, Negroni Week, leicester bar

If you prefer something a bit more off the wall, we think our Negroni variations offer something a bit special. Why not try our Cold Brew Coffee Negroni? We make it with Bulldog gin and Campari, cold brew coffee and Cinzano Rosso. Garnished with simple coffee beans this drink really packs a flavour punch because of the bold ingredients.

cold brew coffee cocktail, negroni week, negroni variation

The connoisseur may prefer our Negroni 34. Here we’ve aged the cocktail for 34 days to intensify the flavour. It’s still got the iconic Negroni flavour of course! But aging it really takes the drink to the next level. Giving the drink time to develop uniquely allows the well-matched flavours to blend even more perfectly.

aged negroni, bulldog gin, campari, cinzano, cocktail

Of course, Negroni Week is not just about fantastic drinks. It is also about the bartender community joining together to raise money for charity. This year our Negroni menu is supporting the Refugee Canteen. Find out more about them on their website – https://refugee-canteen.com

 “The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you. They balance each other.”
Orson Welles


Click here for the Negroni Week Menu