26th March 2018

Enjoy our Easter specials

Our Easter specials are out now. Spring has sprung in Leicester and our bartenders have been working hard to craft a special menu for you to enjoy. We love to create unique new flavours using our range of premium ingredients.

Taking inspiration from all of the best flavours that the season offers, perhaps the Cream Egg Flip will be the one for you. Baileys Chocolate Luxe and Creme De Cacao are blended with caramel syrup, milk, cream and a whole egg. It’s so rich and creamy that the Easter bunny himself will be jealous.


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Mint Mocha Martini

Or maybe you would prefer our Mint Mocha Martini? It’s a delicious treat, before or after eight! Tia Maria is shaken, not stirred, with Mozart Milk Chocolate, a shot of espresso and mint bitters. The espresso martini’s popularity shows no signs of slowing, and this is a delicious take on the contemporary classic. Served with a wafer thin mint on the side, it’s a great way to round off the evening.


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Easter Mocktails

There’s plenty to enjoy if you fancy a non-alcoholic treat too. We ensure that every special menu is choc-full of delicious mocktail options – and the pun is very much intended! Be vewwy vewwy quiet as you go on a hunt for the Wascally Wabbit. This is a refreshing blend of blood orange and carrot juice with the zingy twist of ginger beer. Or go to the rich and creamy side. You will love the Egg Hunt, made with chocolate and caramel syrups, milk and cream.


These cocktails won’t be around forever. You have just two weeks to enjoy them before the Easter season is over and we put away the Creme Eggs for another year. So indulge and make merry while you can – the four day weekend only comes round once a year! And of course, our regular menu is still available, so all your favourites are still on offer if you need a break from the seasonal frivolity.