24th July 2017

The Transatlantic

A show-stopping cocktail you can make at home

Courtesy of Extreme Housewifery 

I was introduced to The Transatlantic this week, an incredible cocktail developed by Charlotte Wood of Manhattan 34, Leicester as her entry into the #SouthernShowdown17 – a cocktail competition where Hi-Spirits challenge bartenders all around the country to capture the spirit of New Orleans in their very own Southern Comfort cocktail creation.

A Showstopping Cocktail

Charlotte has already made it to the regional heats. I headed over to the bar to catch up with her and find out what this cocktail is all about. Usually, we see bartenders concocting all kinds of infusions and emulsions and syrups and sprays to fancify their cocktails.Imagine my surprise when Charlotte challenged me to have a go at making The Transatlantic for myself, using readily available ingredients from the supermarket.

I thought making a cocktail this beautiful would be hard, but it turns out it is The Big Easy! 

You see what I did there?

I could tell you more, but we made a video, so why not watch for yourself?

Thanks to Manhattan 34 for putting up with my poor quality bar tending and for letting me drink the cocktail I made!